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Meet Heidi


Heidi Pena’s affinity for creating compelling spaces can be traced back to her childhood. Heidi remembers rearranging furniture layouts and curating bookshelf vignettes in her parent’s home. Her eye for beauty and interest was utilized frequently by family and friends planning home projects and events. Heidi went on to earn a bachelors degree in business, and, later, an interior design degree. In 2017, Heidi created a design board that won her the honor of showcasing her work at the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra Show House. This opportunity prompted her to launch her namesake studio and she has been serving clients across the region since.

Our work is client-centered.

We are passionate about offering our clients a design experience that transcends style. We create environments where they live their healthiest and most joyful lives. 

We do not design for a specific aesthetic, but instead, prioritize customization, personality, and maximizing use of space for homes that truly are as easy to live in as they are to look at.



What sets our work apart is our big picture approach. As we are designing a space, we are considering the impact that every detail—big and small—will have on our clients' daily moments and celebrated milestones.

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