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5 Bathroom Ideas to Consider for Aging in Place

Aging in place is a term no one wants to contemplate when describing their lifestyle, however, it is something to consider when looking at your long-term housing goals. Gone are the days of rudimentary round grab bars and plastic folding seats that you are used to seeing in public restrooms. There are lots of options out there to give homeowners a well-appointed luxury bathroom while making it a space that will continue to work for you long into your retirement and beyond.

1.      Proper Space Planning From the Beginning

When considering a renovation, even if it’s just a sprucing up of your space, consult with a designer who understands the guidelines for a bathroom. They can provide you with a detailed and dimensioned floor plan that you can share with a contractor to have the work completed. Your designer will take all things into consideration when detailing the drawings including height of the shower head, the amount of space necessary in front of the vanity, and essential lighting based on your needs and preferences.

2. Luxury Hardware

Many luxury bath suppliers are beginning to offer beautifully designed hardware that offers beauty and accessibility.  Think of grab bars that look like towel bars and handheld shower heads that are part of your shower system. With a click of a button water is diverted from the shower head to the hand-held sprayer.   

3.      Zero-entry and Low Threshold Showers

Thinking through your shower design can make a big impact on your daily life. Zero-entry is a seamless walk-in shower that can easily be accessed by someone with a walker, cane, or wheelchair.  Also comes in very handy when its time to give the family pet a bath.

4.      Toilets with Washlets

Many manufacturers are offering washlet options. These bidet-like seats provide a luxury experience but are also very practical and will cut down on toilet paper waste. From heated seats, to washing, and even drying. If you are caring for a loved one who needs some extra help with hygiene, a washlet will make a difference.

5.      Proper Lighting

Lighting is important in any bathroom, especially in spaces where sight may be impaired.  From under-cabinet ambient lighting that acts as a nightlight for those early morning risers to bright lights above the vanity area to put on makeup or get a close shave, having multiple lighting sources is key to a luxury bathroom.


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