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3 Feng Shui/Energy Tips to Incorporate in Your Home Now

1. Add a headboard to anchor your bed

A headboard represents stability and support in your life, and especially your romantic relationships. Give yourself the restful sleep that your body needs – you deserve it!

Source: Serena & Lily

Source: PotteryBarn Teen

Source: Anthropologie

2. Place a mirror or reflective object above a fireplace to offset the flow of Chi that escapes.

Adding a mirror not only stops energy from flowing out but also creates the illusion of a larger space and brings more light into the room.


Source: OneKingsLane

Source: Living After Midnight

3. Bring in Living Plants

Live plants provide the sense of bringing the outdoors inside and soften the look of the room. They also work hard to clean the air that we breathe.

If you can not bring in live plants, faux plants will still provide the greenery the human eye looks for to feel more peaceful and at ease. Some of my favorite spots to shop for faux are Target, Artiplanto, and Pottery Barn.

Source: Studio McGee

Source: Target

Source: Artiplanto

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